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Welcome to GIANNI LASHES CO LTD! GIANNI LASHES CO LTD was established in may 2006 in Qingdao, China with manufacturing beauty false eyelashes. More than 800 staffs in the GIANNI LASHES , and cooperation with local associations in North Korea to produce semi-finished products, plant area over 12,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 30 million pairs false eyelashes, is the top export factories among false eyelashes. We've got a fantastic selection of false eyelashes on offer, from some of the very biggest brands in the business.
GIANNI LASHES CO LTD have over 200 styles/colors to choose,World Wide Shipping,3D mink strip lashes in stock, within 3 days to delivery. Direct factory, luxury quality for wholesale. We have professional designers to make you Exclusive customization of 3D MINK false eyelash. 3D Mink Lashes that you can wear up to 25 times!You can choose by your favourite.Our lashes are handcrafted and custom designed, with styles ranging from natural to va va voom 3D Mink Lashes! If you are finding your perfect pair of false eyelashes , contact us and we would be happy to help match you up.
We’ve still got you covered - we stock a huge range of false eyelashes that are ideal for Valentine’s Day, Spring, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. You can get false eyelashes for every eye shape and every season. In total, we've got over 1,000 fantastic styles of false eyelashes for you to choose from. Of course you can find your unique false eyelashes in our designer’s mind.
You’ll get false eyelashes that offer a soft feathery feel, and a natural looking shine! Other lashes can feel heavy on the eyelid, but Mink Lashes are super lightweight and offers a natural look. Our 100% natural mink false eyelashes is free from any chemical processing or dyes. Our 3D Mink Lashes is collected from free-range zoos and recycled during the shedding seasons, it’s then sterilized to ensure it is completely safe for use.
We’re in top fashion to false lashes, you can be sure that the next big thing and the hottest styles will always be on http://giannilashes.com in good time.If you're looking for false eyelashes with easy to wear or cost time and money, you'll love our range of premium silk and mink lashes. If possible tell your friends and family, for news of the latest design and hottest special false eyelashes, to follow
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We’re your one stop shop from design, manufacture, homeland wholesale or export to personal requirement or oversea wholesale for false eyelashes , you can order one to 10 thousand pairs of false eyelashes. If you want the best discounts when you buy false eyelashes on http://giannilashes.com , So what are you waiting for? Browse fantastic false lashes right away and place your order now!
If you want a personalised false eyelashes from our 3D eyelashes or mink lashes range, please feel free to call us and one of our team will be glad to assist you. Look no further for an outstanding range of mink eyelashes - we've well and truly got you covered!
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